Nick Johnson EP vol. 1 (2014)

by Ear Dr.Umz the MetroGnome



Began as a sort of competitive inside joke between some MPC pad pounding, jazz record digging, tortilla soup slurping brothers-from-other sides-of-the-moon back in 2004...

We now wish to share with you a instrumental project my friend T-Bone Steak and I recently decided to release. It's entitled the "Nick Johnson EP vol. 1" because back in 2004 while T-Bone Steak was visiting Seattle from Japan to record with local artists, we did quite a bit of record digging. One spot we frequented was the now-gone lower Queen Anne location of Easy Street Records. We kept noticing that almost all of the jazz vinyl that we'd take home to listen to and chop had this mysterious name and extensive custom liner notes tagged on the front and back covers.

10 years have since gone by, and many more "Nick Johnson" records have been unearthed, and many more beats have come of it. With the closing of the Queen Anne Easy Street location, it felt like a fitting time to share this project, which hopefully serves as a homage to that and all independent record spots in Seattle to worldwide that risk being pushed out by big business.

I recently found out through a bit of sleuthing and asking around that Nick Johnson was in fact a jazz radio DJ at the former Seattle listener-supported FM station KRAB, and hosted programs under the moniker of "Captain Baltic." We were eventually able to track down Captain Baltic himself, who in turn has enthusiastically given his blessing on this project:

"Glad to see some of the old LPs are actually being used/heard...I'm not much into the sampling and remixing thing, although when well done (as yours is) I do find it interesting, and if my joints weren't so old and bad I'd probably be up dancing instead of sitting here tapping my feet and mentally swinging....Consider your project blessed by this long-time music lover - it is, as we used to say, really in the groove!" - Nick


Interview w/ Nick Johnson aka Captain Baltic & Ear Dr.Umz by Dave Segal (The Stranger) -

"This dusty sprinkling of classically-minded boom-bap rolls along in that (head-nodding instrumentals) spirit. Good stuff." -

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released August 8, 2014

Originally produced in 2004

by EarDr.Umz & T-Bone Steak

Mixed at The Canal - Seattle, WA

Additional Engineering by Melvin "Sentric" Reyes

Mastered by Barry Corliss, Master Works - Seattle, WA

VINYL COMING SOON (late summer 2017)



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